Akil Mahmod TipuHi, this is Md Akil Mahmod Tipu   (মোঃ আকিল মাহমুদ টিপু). I am a mathematics graduate from the National University of Bangladesh. Now learning Data Science topics from the online platform. Like Kaggle, DataCamp, Udacity, Coursera, and edX. And I am highly passionate about Machine learning, Probabilistic thinking, Problem Solving, Data-driven decision making, Artificial Intelligence. Currently, I live in Brahmanbaria, Bangladesh.

Comfortable with several programming languages. First of all Python, R, JavaScript, C. Also familiar with SQL, Git, Linux, LaTeX, Rstudio. Almost like to play with Numpy, Pandas.

Become Data Analyst to Data Scientist.

If you are interested in me professionally, please visit my LinkedIn  or Contact me page.

Above all the purpose of my blog is to reflect on my experiences as a Mathematics student, Programmer, Data Scientist, Data Analyst.

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