Akil Mahmod TipuI am Md Akil Mahmod Tipu   (মোঃ আকিল মাহমুদ টিপু).  But known by my nickname ‘Tipu’ (টিপু) among friends. I   am an undergraduate at the National University of Bangladesh and I am pursuing my studies in Mathematics.  Currently, I live in Brahmanbaria, Bangladesh.

By Profession, I am a freelance Full Stack Web Developer. I am skilled in several programming languages. JavaScript, Python, C. Familiar with MySQL, HTML5, CSS3, React, D3, Git, Linux, LaTeX.

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The purpose of my blog is to reflect on my experiences as a student, entrepreneur, programmer. Especially in this age of technology – with so many opportunities and information at my fingertips – I find it difficult to mining deeply into any one undertaking and retain my learning in the present. My goal here, then, is to solidify my learning and gain some direction through writing, as well as share my journey with you.

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